September 19, 2013

Pictures of Okinawa Beaches

Photos from Okinawa's Best Beaches

Okinawa offers plenty of beaches to enjoy and take pictures of. Here are some pictures of beautiful Okinawa beaches.

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Okinawa's beaches tend to have beautiful, clear water that is great for snorkeling or swimming in. The water is very comfortable in the summer, and stays relatively warm even in the winter. The sand on most Okinawa beaches is a made up of crushed coral and limestone rock. It can sometimes be a little rough, although some beaches, like Okuma, smooth their beaches to make it very comfortable underfoot.

Below are a selection of beaches on Okinawa with a short description of the beach.

pictures of okinawa beaches
Tropical Beach on Okinawa
Tropical beach is located in Ginowan area, near the middle of the island. It is a little south of Kadena AFB and Camp Foster. Tropical beach is popular because of its nice swimming area, vending machines, picnic areas and convenient location.

photos of okinawa beaches
Zamami Island, off the coast of Okinawa
Exploring beyond Okinawa's beaches is a great opportunity. Many small islands are within a short ferry ride from Okinawa and offer pristine beaches with wonderful snorkeling opportunities. You can also camp out on many of them.

pictures of okinawa beaches
Another photo from Zamami Island
 Zamami Island offers some of the best Diving and Snorkeling in the world - so don't miss out!

pictures of beaches on okinawa
Araha Beach near Jusco and the Ferris Wheel (in the background)
 Araha beach is another popular beach centrally located near Kadena AFB. This beach has nice wide sandy beaches, and a park with playground equipment. A wonderful beach for an afternoon beach trip. Read our review of Araha Beach.

pictures of okinawa beaches
Kadena Marina Beach on Okinawa
 Kadena Marina is one of the closest beaches to Kadena AFB and offers a small but family (and American) friendly beach for taking a beach trip to. There are lots of other things to do at Kadena Marina including boat rentals, so read our Review of Kadena Marina to learn more.

Okinawa in Kanji
'Okinawa' written in Kanji in the sand
Okinawa truly has wonderful beaches just waiting to be explored. If you enjoy more deserted beaches, take a trip to the northern parts of Okinawa where you can find a beach all to yourself.

We hope you enjoyed these pictures of Okinawa's beaches, and leave a comment with any thoughts or questions.

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September 6, 2013

7 Essential Japanese Words and Phrases

7 Japanese Words and Phrases Everyone Can Use

Knowing a few words in Japanese can go a long way in making it easier to live in or visit Japan. While a number of Japanese people do know some English, anyone living in Japan should know these essential words and phrases to make life easier and more fun.

7 essential basic japanese words phrases
Basic Japanese Words and Phrases
Using your Japanese, even if you only know a few words, will go a long way in making the Japanese feel like you care about their country. They will often be more willing to give you good advice and help if you are in need. It shows that you are more savvy than the average traveler, and will often bring a smile to those you try to speak to.

Many American's know a few words of Japanese, so some of these you may already know. But learning all these words and phrases will put you ahead of most foreigners in Japan.

These are just the seven basic words or phrases that are most useful to know. Read them, practice saying them, and eventually practice saying them to Japanese people. It takes practice to learn Japanese, so don't just try to memorize them.

The words below are in English - then Japanese - and then the pronunciation
  1. Hello - Konichiwa - (Ko-ni-chi-wa)
  2. Yes/No - Hai/ Iie - (Ha-i/ Ii-e)
  3. Thanks - Domo - (Do-mo)
  4. Excuse Me - Sumimasen - (Su-mi-ma-sen)
  5. Nice to Meet You - Yoroshiku - (Yo-ro-shi-ku)
  6. How Much Is This? - Ikura - (I-ku-ra?) (informal)
  7. Where is the Restroom? - Otearai wa Doko? - (O-te-a-ra-i wa do-ko?) (informal)

How did you do with those words and phrases? If you think you have them down, or already knew them, move on to these two bonus phrases that may prove useful! Also note the '(informal)'
at the end of some of the phrases. Japanese has a variety of levels of formality, and these phrases are meant for more informal situations. Like in a restaurant, store or with friends. For more formal situations, like at a business meeting or when speaking to elderly Japanese, look up the formal form.

Two more phrases that are very useful:

     8. More water please - Moto mizu onegai - (Mo-to mi-zu o-ne-ga-i) (informal)
     9. See you later - Mata ne - (Ma-ta ne) (informal)

Often when one is at a restaurant it is useful to know how to ask for more water. A simple 'Moto mizu onegai' to the waitress with 'Domo' when she comes back will go a long way in getting what you want without blundering around and gesturing at your cup.
basic japanese words and phrases
Japanese - English

Many American's know the Japanese word for goodbye - Sayonara. But this word is not often used in Japan, as it is more formal, or for more long term goodbye situations. Instead use 'Mata ne' which means 'see you later' or 'later'.

Quick Tip: A great resource for when you need to know or look up a word in Japanese, is a Japanese-English Dictionary. It will come in handy if you ever live or travel in Japan!

Now, one more phrase for the overachievers out there. This phrase is really just a direct translation of the English phrase 'have a nice day'. It will often bring a smile to stranger's faces, and can be used in many situations.

Bonus phrase for the overachievers:

Have a good day "have nice day' - Yoi ichi-nichi o - Yo-i I-chi-ni-chi o

Learn these 7 essential Japanese words, and the 3 bonus words, and you will be a head of the majority of foreigners living in Japan.

Remember to practice these words, and learn the correct pronunciation. Ask Japanese friends or coworkers for the correct pronunciation if you need help.

We hope you find this useful and practical. Leave a comment with any thoughts or questions.

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