June 6, 2012

Okinawa Beach Review: Tropical Beach

A Review of Tropical Beach on Okinawa

okinawa beaches tropical beach
Tropical Beach
Tropical Beach is located a little south of Kadena Air Force Base, in Ginowan behind the Ginowan Convention Center. It is a touristy beach where lots of Japanese enjoy visiting. It offers most amenities such as bathrooms, water fountains, vending machines and even covered areas to have a BBQ (these must be rented though).

The beach is flat and sandy providing a great area for beach activities such as frisbee, volleyball, soccer, or anything else. Just be aware, if it is a busy summer day, the beach might be a little crowded.

There are Japanese lifeguards on duty during the summer as well as an enclosed swimming area to keep out jelly fish and anything else.

okinawa beaches tropical beach
Tropical Beach
The great thing about this beach is its accessibility. Located near the middle of the island, it makes for a very short drive if you get the desire to visit the beach. 

To get to Tropical beach, go south on Highway 58 from Camp Foster's commissary gate and take the right fork at the light before Highway 81. The Convention Center will be on the right, look for the large, oval buildings and the torii gate entrance.

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  1. Is BBQ grill available for rent at Tropical Beach? I'm planning to buy some nice meat from the market and want to find a place to cook it. Since I'm just traveling I would have no utensils whatsoever on me. So at this place I can pretty much rent everything I need?