January 26, 2013

Vending Machines in Japan

Japanese Vending Machines are the Most Unique in the World

small japanese red coca cola machine
Small Coca-Cola Machine
Vending Machines have become more and more popular around the world for selling not just drinks, but almost anything. Japan is one of the world leaders in vending machine technology, and use. But I don't want to focus on all the different types of things you can find in Japanese vending machines or the flat screen TVs that are showing up in them, I just want to give an overview of the incredible variety of drinks available at nearly every street corner

Don't Be Afraid to Try Something Different from a Japanese Vending Machine

For the majority of Americans who visit Japan and Okinawa, the small kanji symbols mean next to nothing, let alone describe what is in a drink. So it would be easy to pick something like Coke, and never try any of the other drinks with odd bits of confusing English framed by possibly important Japanese words.

But some of my favorite drinks have been just that kind.

variety of japanese vending machines in a row

So when you see a long line of vending machines, don't be afraid to take a chance and try something that looks fun. The drinks in Japanese vending machines range from relatively normal Coke and Pepsi products to tea, coffee, and even health and energy drinks.

vending machines in japan with beer

And yes, Japan does sell Budweiser from a vending machine.

green japanese vending machines

 An example of the huge variety of drinks available. With so many options, it is often hard to pick which drink to try. But get out there and go for it, you might just find a new favorite refreshing beverage.