June 25, 2012

Kadena Marina Beach Review - Okinawa

Review of the Kadena Marina Beach in Okinawa

Kadena Marina is a small beach tucked in with a fully operating marina on the western coast of Okinawa. The marina is operated by the US Air Force out of Kadena Air Force Base located just a few minutes south on HWY 58.

The Beach:

kadena marina beach review
Kadena Marina with restaurant and marina in background
The beach itself at Kadena Marina is somewhat small, but does offer smooth sand and swimming area for those looking for a much more american feeling beach and atmosphere. The beach and surrounding area is rather picturesque with a small island located barley 50 yards off shore.

The best thing about Kadena Marina is the proximity to Kadena AFB as well as a large shopping area just down the road a little.

The Marina and Dive Shop:

The marina itself offers a wide variety of options including a restaurant overlooking the beach and boats, as well as charter fishing trips, sailboat rentals, and scuba and snorkeling rentals.

Kadena Marina has Options:

The Kadena Marina is a one stop shop for many water activities but it also offers space for summer BBQ's and get together's. Several pavilions and grills are just yards from the beach area and make for perfect summer gatherings for all different situations.

The Kadena Marina offers a great, easy access beach with plenty of amenities for those who might be less inclined to travel the island.

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June 13, 2012

CoCo's Curry on Okinawa - The Best Restaurant Ever

CoCo's Curry is the Best Restaurant Ever.

I am not joking, there is something about CoCo's that creates insanely dedicated fans.
For those who might not know, CoCo's Curry is a curry restaurant chain located throughout Japan and a few other locations worldwide. At CoCo's, they serve large plates with rice and curry sauce, as well as any toppings you might want. Everything is customization at CoCo's; you can choose the amount of rice you would like, from 200 all the way to 1000 grams. You get to pick how spicy the curry should be, from mild to level 10. And you can also choose from a wide variety of things to put on top, from my favorites of cheese and chicken cutlet, to the somewhat stranger octopus and quail eggs.
Best Restaurant Ever
CoCo's Curry House by vogelokinawa

The restaurant itself has some slight similarities to an american diner; most seats are booths, with several stools at the counter. The Japanese waitresses are usually very accommodating of Americans who don't speak any Japanese but gesture at pictures on the menu.

The price is also very reasonable for most meals, with a plain plate of curry running about $7 with the current exchange rate. If you add a few things, such as cheese and chicken cutlet, it will be around $10.

CoCo's Full name is CoCo Curry Ichibanya, translated CoCo Curry number one restaurant.

Why do people love CoCo's so much?

Well, that is a very good question, which can can't answer for everybody, but will try to answer for myself at least. Before I go into that, let me share a story of a friend who really liked CoCo's Curry.

This friend was set to return to America for good in about a week, so in that week he had left in Okinawa, he went to CoCo's 22 times. Yep, he went every day, three times a day, and four times on the last day. I hope that gives you a little picture of how fanatical some people are about CoCo's!

I love CoCo's because it tastes so good. I can't guarantee you'll love it, but you should try to let it grow on you. after all, it is the best restaurant ever.

CoCo's Curry is located throughout Okinawa, and much of Japan. If you are on Okinawa, just ask around and you are sure to find people who know about it. There are several CoCo's scattered around the main military bases such as Kadena and Foster.

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June 6, 2012

Okinawa Beach Review: Araha Beach

Review of Araha Beach in Okinawa

beach reviews araha beach okinawa
Araha Beach
Araha Beach covers a long stretch of sand in the heart of central Okinawa. Located between Kadena AFB and Camp Foster in Hamby town, it is a few miles north of tropical beach. Araha beach has bathrooms, covered picnic tables, vending machines, basketball courts, and a large playground complete with a pirate ship. This beach provides activities for everyone to enjoy a day at the beach.

Araha Beach has the largest flat sandy area of the beaches I have been to in Okinawa. It provides plenty of room for ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, football and soccer. If you are looking for plenty of room to spread out, this beach has it.

Just like tropical beach, Araha beach has Japanese lifeguards on duty during the summer as well as an enclosed swimming area. Additionally, water activities such as tubing and jet ski rentals are available.

beach reviews araha okinawa
Araha Beach
The location of Araha beach could not be much better for accessibility to shops and restaurants. Just outside the park area is a large San-A grocery store and several convenience stores. There are also a wide variety of restaurants.

Araha beach is one of my favorite beaches to visit anytime throughout the year. It is an easy walk from Araha to shops in the area and the beach area offers lots of options and activities.

okinawa beaches araha beach
Araha Beach
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Okinawa Beach Review: Tropical Beach

A Review of Tropical Beach on Okinawa

okinawa beaches tropical beach
Tropical Beach
Tropical Beach is located a little south of Kadena Air Force Base, in Ginowan behind the Ginowan Convention Center. It is a touristy beach where lots of Japanese enjoy visiting. It offers most amenities such as bathrooms, water fountains, vending machines and even covered areas to have a BBQ (these must be rented though).

The beach is flat and sandy providing a great area for beach activities such as frisbee, volleyball, soccer, or anything else. Just be aware, if it is a busy summer day, the beach might be a little crowded.

There are Japanese lifeguards on duty during the summer as well as an enclosed swimming area to keep out jelly fish and anything else.

okinawa beaches tropical beach
Tropical Beach
The great thing about this beach is its accessibility. Located near the middle of the island, it makes for a very short drive if you get the desire to visit the beach. 

To get to Tropical beach, go south on Highway 58 from Camp Foster's commissary gate and take the right fork at the light before Highway 81. The Convention Center will be on the right, look for the large, oval buildings and the torii gate entrance.

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