June 6, 2012

Okinawa Beach Review: Araha Beach

Review of Araha Beach in Okinawa

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Araha Beach
Araha Beach covers a long stretch of sand in the heart of central Okinawa. Located between Kadena AFB and Camp Foster in Hamby town, it is a few miles north of tropical beach. Araha beach has bathrooms, covered picnic tables, vending machines, basketball courts, and a large playground complete with a pirate ship. This beach provides activities for everyone to enjoy a day at the beach.

Araha Beach has the largest flat sandy area of the beaches I have been to in Okinawa. It provides plenty of room for ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, football and soccer. If you are looking for plenty of room to spread out, this beach has it.

Just like tropical beach, Araha beach has Japanese lifeguards on duty during the summer as well as an enclosed swimming area. Additionally, water activities such as tubing and jet ski rentals are available.

beach reviews araha okinawa
Araha Beach
The location of Araha beach could not be much better for accessibility to shops and restaurants. Just outside the park area is a large San-A grocery store and several convenience stores. There are also a wide variety of restaurants.

Araha beach is one of my favorite beaches to visit anytime throughout the year. It is an easy walk from Araha to shops in the area and the beach area offers lots of options and activities.

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Araha Beach
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