Things to Do in Okinawa

What is there to do on Okinawa?

There are plenty of things to do on Okinawa, all you need is time and the information on what to do. Provided below are links to blog posts that will give you some ideas for things to do on Okinawa!

So take a weekend, or even just an afternoon, and explore a little of what this beautiful island has to offer.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Okinawa - An updated list of 10 popular places to see and things to do on Okinawa!

7 More Things to Do in Okinawa - Here are seven more ideas for adventures and activities on Okinawa.

And below are 8 more ideas for things to do in Okinawa with links for more information!

Top 8 Things to do on Okinawa:

1Shopping Gate 2 Street - Enjoy a day shopping and exploring the many different shops located just outside Kadena AFB Gate 2. Read the post for location and parking information, as well as the different types of shops. Or if you are interested in more of a department store feel, try shopping at Jusco.

things to do on okinawa
One of the beautiful locations on Okinawa
2Spearfishing on Okinawa - Okinawa is a great place to learn how to spearfish or get back into the exciting hobby. There are numerous fantastic locations to go spearfishing and the fish taste delicious when fresh.

3. Why not Learn to Surf on Okinawa? With plenty of great locations such as Sunabe Seawall within easy driving distance of the major military bases, surfing can be a great adventure, or incredible hobby while on Okinawa.

4. Get away for a few days at the comfortable Okuma Resort! If you thought the rest of Okinawa had great beaches and fun things to do, Okuma is over the top in all categories.

5. Do some sightseeing and exploring at Kitanakagusuku Castle Ruins or the spooky Haunted Hotel located nearby! But please note, the Haunted Hotel is a very risky place for more than a few reasons...

6. Don't leave Okinawa without eating at CoCo's Curry. Many people love it, even more swear it is the best food in the world. It is just one of those things you must eat for yourself.

7. What about the Winter Months? Well here is a full post dedicated to Things to do on Okinawa in the Winter!

8. Also, don't forget about all of the amazing beaches surrounding Okinawa! check out all our Beach Reviews for a list of some of the great beaches located on Okinawa!

We hope this will be enough to keep people entertained for a few days while visiting Okinawa. There are loads more adventures, activities, and things to see on Okinawa, so get out there and enjoy it!

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  1. can you tell me more about spearfishing. I am coming to Okinawa in 4 weeks and my son is an obsessed spear fisherman. I would like him to enjoy his favourite sport while we are there but don't know much about rules and regulations and where to take him.