November 29, 2012

Surfing on Okinawa

Things to do in Okinawa - Surfing

While most people think of Hawaii when they think of surfing, Okinawa has a large surf community and plenty of locations.

Whether you are an experienced surfer visiting or moving to Okinawa, or a beginner looking for something fun to do on Okinawa, surfing is a very enjoyable and rewarding activity.

sunabe seawall surfing okinawa

Want to Surf on Okinawa? Check out Sunabe Seawall

Sunabe Seawall is the most popular place to surf on Okinawa. What makes it so popular is that it regularly has good waves, and it is located in the middle of the island, right outside Kadena Gate 1. (it is also a fantastic place to watch the brilliant Okinawa sunsets.)

sunabe seawall waterIt has easy access to the water through steps and various intervals along the seawall and there is parking very close by.

The waves tend to be waist to head height on good days. But, when the ocean is calm, the waves will disappear.

It is important to not only check the tides, ocean currents and weather conditions, but also to actually go and watch the waves, and other surfers.

Surfing at sunabe seawall okinawaMost experienced surfers take plenty of time before going out to see how the waves are coming in, and if there are any currents to watch out for.

If you are new to Okinawa, it is also a great idea to talk with the local surfers, both Japanese and American, and ask them for any tips or information.

watching from the seawall okinawaFor those who are new to surfing, it is best to find a friend or make a friend, who has experience surfing and can teach the basics before trying to ride wave. There are several surf shops in the seawall area with surfboards for sale. These places are often a hangout for the experienced surfers, so stop in and ask about classes or lessons.

When Typhoons come close to Okinawa, the waves can become monsters, crashing into the shallow coral reef with tremendous power. So always look to see if there are other surfers around before going out. Better yet, always surf with a buddy.

A good saying on Okinawa about surfing is, if the locals aren't riding, then neither should you.

For more information on surfing Okinawa, or other things to do on Okinawa, leave a comment.

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