June 25, 2012

Kadena Marina Beach Review - Okinawa

Review of the Kadena Marina Beach in Okinawa

Kadena Marina is a small beach tucked in with a fully operating marina on the western coast of Okinawa. The marina is operated by the US Air Force out of Kadena Air Force Base located just a few minutes south on HWY 58.

The Beach:

kadena marina beach review
Kadena Marina with restaurant and marina in background
The beach itself at Kadena Marina is somewhat small, but does offer smooth sand and swimming area for those looking for a much more american feeling beach and atmosphere. The beach and surrounding area is rather picturesque with a small island located barley 50 yards off shore.

The best thing about Kadena Marina is the proximity to Kadena AFB as well as a large shopping area just down the road a little.

The Marina and Dive Shop:

The marina itself offers a wide variety of options including a restaurant overlooking the beach and boats, as well as charter fishing trips, sailboat rentals, and scuba and snorkeling rentals.

Kadena Marina has Options:

The Kadena Marina is a one stop shop for many water activities but it also offers space for summer BBQ's and get together's. Several pavilions and grills are just yards from the beach area and make for perfect summer gatherings for all different situations.

The Kadena Marina offers a great, easy access beach with plenty of amenities for those who might be less inclined to travel the island.

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