July 2, 2012

Okinawa Food: Taco Rice is Delicious :

Taco Rice is a unique Okinawan adaptation of Mexican tacos. I don't know when Okinawans started making taco rice, or where it came from exactly, but I do know that taco rice is delicious, and you find it in Okinawa.
Taco Rice in Okinawa

For those who might not know what taco rice is, its actually very simple.

To make taco rice you use all the ingredients for regular tacos, such as seasoned ground beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, salsa, and sour creme (and anything else you might want to include), and put it over sticky Japanese white rice instead of on tortillas.

Taco Rice Van!
Taco rice is a very popular late night food and if you are looking to try it, many small restaurants and street stands pop up in the evenings selling the delicious food. Look for busy parts of town, or follow the smell with your nose, either way, you won't be disappointed when you try taco rice!

My suggestion is to try it at King Taco's, because that's the best place to get taco rice from. There are several King Taco's scattered around Okinawa, so keep an eye out while you drive around. Once you have tried taco rice, consider making it yourself. it is extremely easy, and makes a wonderful conversation starter with Americans who are unfamiliar with Japan.

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