July 9, 2012

Okinawa Food: Okinawa Soba

Soba is a Japaneses noodle soup made throughout Japan. It differs in each region of Japan with different noodles and toppings. The Okinawan version is simply called Okinawa Soba and is available at many restaurants around Okinawa. Most restaurants will have not only Okinawa Soba, but also other mainland varieties, so be sure you ask for Okinawa Soba, and don't just point at the picture of noodle soup.

Okinawa Soba!
Okinawa Soba noodles are cooked in a broth made of a variety of ingredients including edible seaweed and pork. The broth is quite good, and very nice on a cold winter day.

Toppings for Okinawa Soba can very, but my favorite topping is boneless pork ribs. In Japanese, Soba with pork ribs is called Soki Soba. The pork ribs are almost always incredibly tender having been cooked for hours. 

There are many restaurants throughout the island of Okinawa that have Okinawa Soba, but my favorite soba restaurant is in the northern city of Nago.As one approaches Nago from the south, the road winds along the water until finally reaching the city. one of the first buildings on the left, (coming from the south) is a convenience store (either familymart or something), and right next door is the soba restaurant. You will know you're in the right place if it has long wooden tables in a large open room. Order and pay first, then grab a seat anywhere in at the long tables. 

Okinawa Soba is a great meal for almost any occasion, but it is especially nice in colder months or after a swim in the ocean. The aroma and flavors of Okinawa Soba are wonderful and relaxing. If you have not tried Soba, I hope you give it a shot!

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