May 23, 2013

Professional Photography on Okinawa

Exploring Photography on Okinawa

okinawa travel guide blogWith so much to offer in the way of natural beauty, Okinawa is the perfect place to grab some incredible personal/family photos from some of the very talented artists in Okinawa. From family groupings to individual portraits, these creative artists capture the beauty of both the subjects and the pretty island!

Professional photographs are an excellent idea for graduating seniors, maternity pictures, engagements and weddings, family portraits, personalized gifts, and farewell to island memories.

Two great on-island photographers are listed here:

Airin Owen:

okinawa photography and informatoinOther merchandise highlighting the beauty of Okinawa in photograph includes various postcards and books available in the base exchanges and locally, as well as online. These items showcase the iconic scenes of Okinawa, both the natural beauty of the oceans, beaches and floral, and the local beauty of the Okinawan people and festivals.

The books make excellent gifts for friends departing from Okinawa, family members who have not had the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Okinawa, and personal mementos to keep the beauty of Okinawa alive.

Okinawa photography and informationWe hope you have many opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Okinawa, and capturing the island through photograph is one of the best ways! 

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