May 28, 2013

FC Ryukyu Soccer Team on Okinawa

Catch  a Soccer Game on Okinawa!

FC Ryukyu
FC RYukyo okinawa soccer team
FC Ryukyu's Logo - Source

FC Ryukyu is Okinawa’s semi-pro soccer team. FC Ryukyu represents the Okinawa Prefecture throughout Japan in the Japan Football League (JFL) games.

Where do they play?
FC Ryukyu’s home games are played at the stadium at the Okinawa Athletic Park just south of the Mihama American Village Jusco shopping center, sharing parking lots with Chula-U spa facilities. See the FC Ryukyu website for more ticketing information and current schedule.

How to catch a game:
A great venue to explore, catch a FC Ryukyu game in the Mihama area on the weekend! Game tickets are just around $10-$15 (Y1000 – Y1500) and attendees can sit in the stands or pack a lunch from Family Mart to picnic (bento) on the grassy field around the inside of the stadium! The East China Sea can be seen behind the stadium, making the venue an attractive and casual one, great for groups of friends and families!

Get in the spirit!
FC Ryukyu soccer team okinawa
Japan Jersey
Come out in gear, or become a fan and grab your gear today! With jerseys, posters, accessories, towels, and stickers there’s gear for everyone! Come support the local team and make some noise! Learn a chant! FC Ryukyu has several chants to sing out during the game to cheer on your team! Join in the noise!

Use words like:  “Gan-ba-te” – ‘Good luck!’ (also, ‘try your best’) “I-kou-se” – ‘Go for it!’ and ‘Let’s go!’ “Ya-ta” – ‘Great!’ (shout this loudly with joy, especially for a goal)

To get even more supportive of FC Ryukyu, you can buy a soccer jersey or t-shirt for the team. Several shops in the local area sell FC Ryukyu clothing and items which make great gifts and unique memorabilia. You could also simply get a Japanese national soccer team jersey to support the country.

And after a warm game, grab a post-game meal at a nearby CoCo’s Curry, sushi-go-round or Family Mart!

Check out an FC Ryukyu game today!

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